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RIBA qualified Architect / Illustrator and Catamaran Helm.  Author of Faster than the Wind iBook - the C-Class Little America Cup. Author of Technology Trounces Tradition - Handcrafted Ferraris Beaten by Ford’s Computers - exploring the Ferraris / Ford rivalry at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

We have worked collaboratively on a series of iOS applications and books on topics of historic racing (Catamarans: The Little America Cup / i4C, The Schneider Trophy and Le Mans 24 Hours Sportscar Racing), subjects of historical importance including sea battles of the Bismarck and Graf Spee, and the US / USSR race to land on the Moon.

BA (Hons) qualified Animator,
and Illustrator working in digital and traditional medias.   Wildlife enthusiast. Co-illustrator of Faster than the Wind and Technology Trounces Tradition; How Handcrafted Ferraris were beaten by Ford’s Computers.

We are a partnership of two highly enthusiastic illustrators with a passion for producing powerful illustrations.

We produce illustrations for planning applications and large scale development exposure, we collect reference photographs of textures, locations, components and furnishings for reference.

Through our sister site we offer use of our pictures in your digital projects.