Space is a wonderful and dangerous place. And it has just got a lot more deadly. Giant creatures suddenly appear and rip apart any craft or person in their way. Black Holes pop into existence without warning, suck in anything or anyone within range and then disappear just as quickly.  Someone or something has awakened; something evil is stirring and it is coming closer . .

THE GIFT                             THE DUST

JOHNATHAN LYNCH                          JOHNATHAN LYNCH

All over Ireland people begin to drop dead around a young mechanic named Eric Ward. At first Eric believes it to be just a lethal virus, but all that changes when the dead start to come back to life and the giant man-eating-rats appear with a voracious appetite for human flesh. Eric's pregnant girlfriend and ailing grandmother need to be brought to hospital to be inoculated and protected from the virus. But getting there will be nearly impossible as the streets are now overrun by the dead . . .

Since 2009 we have grown in tandem with the development of the iPhone and Kindle devices; providing content for others and independently releasing our own works.

iPhone Applications

We independently released a series of iOS applications on topics of historic racing (Catamarans: The Little America Cup / i4C, The Schneider Trophy and Le Mans 24 Hours Sports car Racing), subjects of historical importance including sea battles of the Bismarck and Graf Spee, and the US / USSR race to land on the Moon.


Two of our publications are available for download from the Apple iBook store:


We have published illustrated companion PDF guides for the Schneider Trophy seaplane races and for Le Mans 1966.

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Technology Trumps Tradition - 500 pages

An illustrated exploration of how the FORD Eco-Boost 2016 came into being at the point of the 50th Anniversary of Ford’s historic 1-2-3 win at Le mans in 1966 against Ferrari!   For those who love Ford Sports Cars, in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Ford’s triumphant win in 1966 and the return of the Ford GT to Le Mans, this is a fully illustrated account of the development of the sublime GT40 machine!

Race reports for all the 24 Hour races that Le mans has held to date, the key teams, engineers, designers of the GT40 and its variants, what the exciting experience of Le

The Schneider Trophy Companion Guide

The Schneider Trophy Seaplane Air Races: An illustrated guide to the races and the entries - from 1913 to 1931.  80 years ago the British won the Schneider Trophy for the third time in 1931. The result of this, under the rules, is that they got to keep it's Art Nouveau Trophy.

Following just 12 races over a span of 18 years, since 1913, the average speed rose by a factor of 7!  To put this into context, had the rate of development have continued, as witnessed during these races, then the Red Bull Racers would be today flying at speeds of 2432mph! As things stand they operate a top speed of around 260 mph.

Starting out as just another standard plane race but swiftly braking away into a government funded event, upon which the outcome of World War 2 may very well have been determined with development towards planes that could win the title and the 'Spirit of Flight' trophy resulted in engines that would become those powering the Spitfire, Mosquito, Hurricane and Lancaster bomber.

Le Mans 1966 Companion Guide

( 400,000 PEOPLE WENT TO SEE IT! )

A visual reference book to the best race in the world at the time 400,000 people went to see it!

Bringing back the nostalgia of the 60's - our book is the story of this dramatic race, the social and political context of the day, it is full of technical data, illustrations, diagrams and stats - a real story, told hour on hour constructed from first hand evidence and reports from the day.

This was the year where the game changed on an international platform at the biggest endurance race of the year, held at the prestigious Le Mans circuit in France. This would see the Ferrari domination end in spectacular fashion and the race become one of racing histories most memorable events!

‘...He demonstrated his versatility in GP racing, sports cars, record breaking, hill-climbing, trials and rallies. What's more, he achieved success in all of these disciplines over a 30-year career.  Let us not forget his amazing exploits in the Mercedes SS/SSK/SSKL in grands prix and sportscar races.‘    S.Davis


Get eBOOK - PDF Format on USB
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Get eBOOK - PDF Format on USB
Price: £10.80 + p&p

Mans for an onlooker was like in the 1960s, how competition at Le Mans changed car developments for the street car market, prospects and development in preparation for the Eco-Boost Ford entry this year, and how Ford used technology to overcome the domination of Ferrari at the world’s most prestigious endurance race - Le mans.

If you love Ford and Le Mans step back in time with us and see how Ford made it to the top in one of the most iconic cars to ever grace a racetrack!



The Little America's Cup Class C Catamaran Racing

This is a fully illustrated guide to C-Class Catamaran Racing - From 1958 to present day, including details of the latest racing at Falmouth UK September 2013. This document is a unique illustrated visual history of a challenge race series for sailing boats of one class only - the Class C catamarans.  For size to power ratio, these beautiful machines simply are the fastest - setting a platform of development that has led to many world record holding sailing craft.

The book contains 480 pages of data, illustrations, diagrams, maps and photographs of the events, the rules, construction, crew members, design teams and their entries. For anyone who has been involved in sail racing or is looking to get involved - this is a perfect resource and an engaging read.

In the book, we cover: Every race | Full race reporters | Crew information | Technical information | Sailing theory | Historical background to this unique event.




Covers were illustrated for horror stories by Author J. Lynch for publication on the Amazon Kindle system.

Covers for 2 teen fantasy novels were produced for author John Pulley for the Amazon Kindle system.

Portrait created of racing driver Caracciola for a book by author Simon Davis